Strengthen Your Bond with the Lord

In Our Church Ministries

Women’s Department
Our women’s department at The Carrie House Church of God in Christ offers a variety of services for the women in our congregation which include guest speakers and breakfast, as well as our Yearly Encounter to reveal the value of women. The Yearly Encounter is a unique retreat that provides the opportunity for women to get together, spend time in the community, and to reflect and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each Encounter includes a spiritual aspect, social aspect, and one of personal space where the women are encouraged to search within themselves to find who they truly are. We hold our retreat in a fun, exciting atmosphere for a full day or overnight stay and our goal is to help women develop their relationship with Jesus and understand the importance of spending time with others as well as along with oneself.

Youth Ministry
Our youth ministry is available for those ages 18 to 35 and we offer monthly services for our youth to work within the community with those who are less fortunate. Through the youth ministry at our Christian church, our younger congregation will bring out the truth and reality that we are all moving to perfection and all have challenges. By sharing experiences and truth along the way we will provide a nurturing and spiritual environment for our youth to grow together in the Lord’s light.

Discipleship Training Hour
Our Discipleship Training Class helps to plant God’s Word into your life, enabling you to mature as a believer, and giving you the tools you need to help others mature as well. We’ll share practical truths from the Bible that you can apply to your everyday life. If growing in your walk with God is important to you, then join us, you’ll be glad you did!

Men’s Ministry

Men face specific and unique tests of faith and challenges in life. As a place of rescue, refuge, and restoration, the men’s ministry provides an opportunity for men to seek God in a safe yet challenging environment. We hold bi-weekly men’s devotionals to learn how to support and encourage one another in our walk with Christ. Being a better leader, father, husband, and friend is our goal, and the word of God provides all we need to complete the tasks He has set before each of the men. In addition to the bi-weekly devotionals, men of The Carrie House partake in an annual retreat, lead service quarterly, and commit to specific ministries in the church. This way, we can help to provide direction, focus, and leadership to the church body.

Harvest Dance Ministry

The purpose of the Harvest Dance Ministry is to glorify Jesus using dance as our form of worship.  Our mission is to lead people into God’s presence through our praise dance offering.

Community Outreach Ministry

Mighty Marriages Ministry


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WRITTEN BY: Matthew Reese